The Marcus Center at WSU   

GRASP – Several of my students will be presenting research in the 8th annual GRASP (Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects) Symposium, Wednesday April 18, 2012 in the Marcus Welcome Center here at Wichita State University. Some of these projects will be based on the WSU Hunger Initiative. One will be based on a secondary analysis

of the data gathered during the recent Kansas Wind Energy Communication project my students did fall semester 2010.


Phase 2: Unpacking the Invisible Problem of Food Insecurity:
A WSU Hunger Initiative

As any of you who have read my blog will know, hunger and food insecurity are issues that I am very passionate about. No one should be hungry, not overseas, not here at WSU– not anywhere. I have taken part in several projects, many of which I have personally launched to combat this all too often invisible problem.

Building on the recent qualitative research done in Phase 1, I am leading a class of Elliott School graduate students in conducting a quantitative study of both the nature and scope of food insecurity on the WSU campus. Last semester in Phase 1 of this project we discovered through inductive, thematic analysis of narratives that food insecurity can be a severe problem. Now we will gain a better understanding of how widespread the problem is and who it affects as well as a deeper understanding of the nature of the problem and its causes. I plan to use this research as the basis to revisit this problem next semester and hopefully begin to shape recommendations for solutions based on the information we have discovered.